5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Mobility Scooter

January 31, 2021

5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Mobility Scooter

What type of mobility issues do you need to overcome and which scooter is best?

We know that there are all different types of mobility problems that people suffer from, for a range of reasons. For example, it’s important to assess if you are able to operate the mobility scooter you are considering with ease. Some may require you to have someone with you for help in transporting or folding it, while others may be bulky and challenging to store. Limited mobility will mean different things, and this is hugely important to acknowledge.

How to choose the best mobility scooter to meet your specific needs

There is a growing range of mobility solutions in the market, and we have learned that the right mobility scooter will give you the freedom and independence you have been longing for, whereas the wrong one may just end up being another obstacle to overcome.

Although there are many factors involved in making the final decision, once you are ready, here are 5 important things to think about as you set out on your search:

1. Where you live:
We try our best to meet all our customers in person, and one of the first questions our experts will ask is “where do you live”? In helping you choose the optimal solution for you, it’s important for us to know: Do you live in an urban neighborhood or in a rural village? Is your habitat accessible or do you need somewhere to store the scooter when it’s not in use? Do you have to ride in an elevator? All these need to be addressed to understand whether you need your mobility scooter to feature certain capabilities like being easy to fold, or comfy as you ride on a sidewalk terrain.

2. Where you plan on going:
Some need a mobility scooter to carry out daily errands, while others may be keeping it in storage for long periods of time. Some need a scooter that can safely go off-road, while others will only be using it indoors. Some may plan to fly commercially, and this requires attention at this stage as well. Be sure to take in all the facts and know that not every scooter will meet your every need. Mobility scooters will have 2 or 3 or even 4 wheels and this will affect its sturdiness and its ability to carry luggage.

3. The extent of your limitation:
Is mobility impairment temporary or permanent? Can you walk short distances? Are your fine motor capabilities fully functional? Do you live on your won? Look for the scooter that you can use as independently as possible, make sure to ask about the various modes of operation it may offer and compare them to your current and expected capabilities.

4. What the scooter looks like:

In recent years, the disability solutions industry has become more aware or design. There are great companies designing innovative looks for wheelchairs, crutches, prosthetics and more recently – mobility scooters. If you find the clunky mobility scooter puts a damper on your style, look for a more contemporary design and enjoy a boost to your confidence.

5. Understand your budget and your options:
Scooters can get quite expensive, and some are partially or wholly subsidized by insurance. However, its important to read the fine print, consult with an experienced expert and understand exactly what you are entitled to before you let it affect your choice.

Make sure to have a mobility expert walk you through the process

At Movinglife, we’ve made it our business to know these things and familiarize our customers with the many options at hand. We know there is a perfect solution for every mobility-impaired person out there and we intend to help those that turn to us find it. Reach out to us and we will set up a free, non-committal home demonstration and consultation with one of our experts.

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