At the heart of Movinglife is a profound belief: everyone with mobility challenges deserves the freedom to move, explore, and connect with the world around them. This core belief drives us to innovate, push boundaries, and revolutionize the realm of mobility aids, elevating them from mere tools of necessity to emblems of independence, elegance, and ingenuity that customers take pride in.

We take great pride in designing and refining our products, exemplified by the ATTO series of folding mobility scooters, setting new standards within the industry and redefining the concept of mobility solutions. The ATTO line embodies a fusion of style, functionality, and independence, offering models that fold into a compact suitcase size for easy storage and transportation.

Our travel-friendly designs and FAA-approved lithium-ion batteries make the ATTO scooters ideal companions for any journey. The ATTO line of scooters effortlessly disassembles into two lightweight parts, fitting seamlessly into various spaces, from car trunks to airplane cabins, catering to air, sea, or land travel.

Equipped with resilient, shock-absorbing tires, advanced safety features, and a plethora of adjustable settings for personalized comfort, the ATTO series ensures a smooth ride on any terrain. The diverse range of models, including the SPORT, sturdy ATTO MAX, and the SHABBATO designed for Shabbat observance, offers a blend of style, comfort, and customization with a selection of over 50 unique accessories.

Our dedication extends beyond delivering exceptional products; it is about establishing a profound connection with you, our valued customer. This is why Movinglife has developed a distinctive sales and support system, ensuring that our solutions are not only innovative but also easily accessible and convenient.

Our team of mobility experts goes the extra mile to bring our products directly to you, whether it be through phone consultations, select premium physical stores, personalized home demonstrations, or online platforms. This customized approach enables us to provide professional guidance and tailored assistance, ensuring that you can explore, experience, and select the perfect solution every time.

Our ultimate goal is to transform the mobility solutions landscape for individuals facing physical challenges by leveraging cutting-edge innovation, exceptional design, and an unwavering commitment to our customers. Looking ahead, we have plans to introduce more advanced and stylish products across various mobility categories. By doing this, we envision a future of Movinglife products that cover the entire spectrum of mobility obstacles. We aim to offer customized solutions that evolve with our customers' changing requirements, allowing them to embrace life to the fullest at every phase of their mobility journey.

Movinglife products are presently available in over 60 countries. In the United States, we proudly operate physical locations in California, Texas, Arizona, New York, and Virginia, with new stores opening soon, home demos, and phone consultations available nationwide.

Throughout the past seven years, Movinglife has significantly impacted the lives of over 50,000 individuals. By providing innovative mobility solutions, we have empowered them to move freely and independently, partake in social activities, and venture into new experiences, enriching their lives profoundly.