Movinglife Announces Major Expansion in the United States and Strategic Team Enhancements

April 10, 2024

Movinglife Announces Major Expansion in the United States and Strategic Team Enhancements

RICHMOND, Va.April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Movinglife, a pioneer in the development of innovative mobility solutions, including the ATTO folding mobility scooters,  announces a significant expansion of its operations within the United States. This expansion marks a milestone in Movinglife's mission to revolutionize the mobility solutions experience for physically challenged individuals through cutting-edge innovation, exceptional design, and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

Movinglife is integrating Folding Scooter Store, previously a premier dealer, into its corporate family as part of its growth strategy. This move strengthens Movinglife's distribution network and reinforces its commitment to helping individuals before and after the purchase with in-store or home demos, expert advice, and personal support, all under one roof.


New Physical Locations Across the States

Movinglife, which has several locations across the states, is launching additional physical locations, including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, New York, and New Jersey, with plans to expand further in the coming months.

Movinglife's mobility experts offer home demos and/or phone assistance in states without a physical store, covering the entire United States.

Strategic Hires to Bolster Leadership

Supporting this significant expansion, Movinglife appoints Hunter Donaldson as Head of US Operations and Ben Feldman, M.Med.Sc., as Global Chief Marketing Officer. Donaldson brings a wealth of mobility solutions experience in sales and operational excellence and will be instrumental in spearheading the US expansion efforts. Feldman, with his extensive international background in marketing and brand development, will lead the charge in elevating Movinglife's global brand presence and connecting with audiences in meaningful ways.

Movinglife's mobility scooters are an innovation in design and engineering
  • Unmatched Convenience and Flexibility

ATTO folding mobility scooters can be folded into a compact suitcase-sized trolley, saving storage space. They can be unfolded to drive mode in seconds.

  • Flight-Approved, Travel-Ready

The ATTO series is FAA flight-approved, allowing users to take them on planes and store them conveniently during flights, pivotal for those who love to travel and require a dependable mobility solution.

  • A Model for Every Need
    1. ATTO CLASSIC: Style and functionality.
    2. ATTO SPORT: Enhanced performance
    3. ATTO SPORT MAX: ATTO SPORT with higher weight capacity.
    4. SHABBATO: ATTO SPORT includes a "Mehudar" Shabbat mechanism based on "Existing Current Modulation." This pre-installed system offers an alternative to the Gramma option. Certified by STAR – K (US) and Zomet (IL).
About Movinglife

Movinglife stands at the forefront of global mobility innovation, crafting unique and forward-thinking products designed to enhance mobility for individuals facing mobility challenges. Our product range, encompassing mobility scooters, rollators, and a wide array of accessories, is tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Movinglife has developed a distinctive sales and support system, ensuring that our solutions are not only innovative but also easily accessible and convenient.

Our mobility experts are available, through phone, in select premium physical stores, home demonstrations, or online. Ensuring you can learn, test drive, and choose the right solution.

Movinglife products are presently available in over 60 countries and enjoyed by 50,000 customers. In the United States, we proudly operate physical locations in California, Texas, Arizona, New York, and Virginia, with new stores opening soon, with home demos and phone consultations available nationwide.

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