ATTO sport back mirror


Increased visibility - provides a clear view of what's happening behind you

Easy to install and adjust

Effortless Maneuvering: make turns and navigate through tight spaces with the assurance that you are aware of your surroundings

The adjustable and versatile design allows users to customize the mirror to their preferred angle

Folds away when the scooter is in compact mode

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Drive with Confidence

Enhance your visibility while using your ATTO SPORT mobility scooter with the ATTO sport back mirror launch. The rear-view mirror provides a clear line of sight, allowing you to navigate confidently and safely. See more of your surroundings with this must-have accessory.

  • Size    Radius 3"
  • Hight (Togther with nounting device) 6"
  • Weight    106 g/ 0.23 ibs